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* INSET Day Friday 27th May *

Picture News (all classes)

'Picture News' at Home.


In our commitment to develop children’s critical literacy skills we have teamed up with Picture News to help develop their understanding and appreciation of the news.


Having age-appropriate conversations with your child about the news keeps them interested and informed about what’s happening in the world…and you too!  They move from wanting to know what happens in MY world to what is happening in THE world and their place in it.


By having regular conversations about the news, you are able to share a whole range of topics and together make more sense of different events, issues and stories.


There are no rules or script to follow but you might want to watch, listen, read and discuss the news selectively.


Some significant news stories can be frightening, and you will need to consider what your child can cope with and whether they are developmentally ready to understand certain events. For example, you might decide to listen to the news rather than watch it as there may be images they might find upsetting.   


Talking about the major headlines of the day and current affairs is important so that children grow up as global citizens but it’s important too to share a variety of fun and exciting news stories from the worlds of sport, entertainment, music, science, etc as well as local news closer to home.   


Here are some quick tips:

  • Initiate discussions about the news using the Picture News resources.
  • Read and watch some news stories together from different sources.
  • Find out what your child knows about the news and explore their understanding.
  • Listen to what your child says and value their opinions.
  • Explain simply and in a way that makes sense to them.
  • Promote a habit of enquiry and make asking questions your child’s default setting.
  • Help your child to spot fake news and how-to fact-check.  
  • Develop a news habit by accessing the news daily. 
  • Defuse bad news and offer reassurance.
  • Protect your child from distressing and disturbing news.
  • Avoid repeated viewings of the same news event.
  • Monitor your child’s exposure to the news.


Discussing the news of the day doesn’t have to be formal but can be done naturally and casually in everyday moments such as on the way to school or preparing a meal.

The important thing is to keep the conversation going about the news and make it a feature of your daily lives.


By working together, we can help children become critical consumers of the news so that they are ‘news savvy’, articulate and confident citizens.  


You could use this template to write your own newspaper.

You might like to use the following sheets to help jot down ideas/key facts when watching the assemblies.

Picture News Virtual Assembly - 22nd June

On Monday, Zoo's in England were allowed to reopen. Sadly for one zoo in Devon, the 3 month closure was too much and they announced their permanent closure.

Join Jo and Katie in this week's assembly where we talk about the costs of running a zoo, our favourite animals and the innovative ways many zoos have been keeping us entertained!

Picture News Virtual Assembly - 15th June

Join Katie and Jo in this week's assembly where they will be looking at one family's innovative approach to tackling lockdown snacking whilst helping their children learn about money!

Picture News Virtual Assembly - 8th June

When schools closed to most pupils two weeks before the Easter break, many young people completely rehauled their routines. As some begin to reopen this week, we ask...

How important is it to have a routine?

Picture News Virtual Assembly - 25th May

Fake news and misinformation surrounding the coronavirus pandemic has increased a worrying amount according to fact-checker Full Fact UK. This week, we talk about if and how we should trust what we hear in the news.

Picture News Virtual Assembly - 18th May

Many of us have been spending A LOT more time here in recent weeks...
This week's story looks at where we live and considers what homes of the future may look like!

Picture News Virtual Assembly - 18th May.mp4

Still image for this video

Picture News Virtual Assembly - 11th May

SpaceX founder, Elon Musk, has a dream of providing the whole world with high speed internet using satellites in the sky! Over the past few weeks, many of you have spotted the satellites in our clear skies.
Join Jo and Katie to find out more in our latest assembly...

Picture News Virtual Assembly - 4th May

This weeks virtual assembly is all about TOYS! 🧸
Join Jo and Katie as they talk about the very unusual latest toy craze, share their favourite childhood toys and set you two exciting new challenges to complete!

Please find below some resources about Captain Tom Moore and his incredible achievement.

Picture News Virtual Assembly - 27th April

Join Katie and Jo in discussing the World Health Organisation's advice to spend more time playing on video games! We'd love to hear your thoughts on this one...

In the news this week...

Picture News Virtual Assembly - 20th April

This week, we discuss how travel has changed in recent weeks and how it's making us reflect on how we will do things in the future.

Find out all about Katie's virtual birthday party and hear Jo explain this week's exciting challenges...

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