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* INSET Day Friday 27th May *

Dosbarth 3 - Mrs Harrison-James

Welcome Back!                                            28/2/22

Hello everyone! I hope you have had a restful holiday and you are ready for the second half term!  This term we will be focussing on the 'Away' part of 'Home and Away'.  We will be learning lots about India, which is a beautiful and interesting country.  We will be planning our lessons together during our first week back so think about what you would like to learn about India and come and share it with us!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon,

Love Mrs Harrison-James & Mrs Blackwell




Hello Everyone,

Here is your online work for Friday.  There is a Reading Comprehension all about Welsh Cities, then you can complete your spelling test at home.  After that there is an Ultimate Addition & Subtraction Sheet and a Fraction worksheet as an extension.  In the afternoon, I have put some work onto your Purple Mash account so have a look in your 2do's. You have a Welsh Fact file to write and a Welsh Celebrity Profile to complete. Just do as much as you can as I know parents are busy.

I'm really sorry to have missed the last few days of school before the half term holidays but I will be online all day so come and say hello on Teams. Make sure you stay super safe. Have a great half term holiday and I'll see you all soon. 

Take care, love Mrs Harrison-James xxx

New Spelling List 2022 & Homework Grid                            12/1/22

Here is the new spelling list and homework grid for this half term. The spelling list is devised using the scheme of work appropriate for your child's ability and also from words frequently misspelled in their own books. Also below this text is the new year message and new isolation work.

Many thanks,

Mrs H-J x



Welcome back to school everyone!  We hope you have had a lovely, restful holiday. We are excited to start our new topic which is called 'Home and Away'.  This half term we will focus on Wales and next half term we will look at India.  We will be planning our theme together as a class over the next couple of days and when completed I will share the lesson overview with you.

As you are more than aware, covid infection rates are extremely high so if your child has to isolate over the next few weeks, I have added some home learning packs underneath. (These packs are also on our Class Teams) If you need any other guidance regarding home learning, please contact the school.  Stay safe!

Best wishes for 2022!

Mrs Harrison-James, Mrs Blackwell & Miss Rowland


Welcome Back!                                    1/11/21

I hope you have had a good break and a restful holiday.  Below are some 'Home Learning Packs' for your child if they have to self isolate over the next few weeks.  Also underneath are the spellings for this half term and the date they will be tested on.

Many thanks, Mrs H-J x



Below is the homework jigsaw for this term.  Please help your child to complete it over the next few weeks.

Many thanks,

Mrs H-J x


                 Home Learning                             1/10/21

If your child is isolating at home, here are some home learning booklets to help them.  Any queries, please contact me via admin.

Many thanks, Mrs Harrison-James x


Below you will find the planning for this term and the spelling lists we will be covering over the next four weeks up to half term.  The children have been placed into different spelling groups depending on their ability.  Every Friday, they will be given new spellings to practise in their spelling books and then they will be tested on the following Friday.  Please help your child learn to spell their words.  We find that 5 minutes practise a day makes more difference to their memory and retention of the word rather than the night before the test.

Many thanks, Mrs H-J



Welcome to Class 3        6/921

The children have had a great first day back, showing all their listening skills and working super hard in class.  We are really proud of them all.  They shared their holiday tales with each other and they have all seemed to have had a brilliant summer break.  

It is great to welcome back the Year 3's who were with us last year and also wonderful to welcome our new children in Year 3 and Year 2.  They are a great bunch and have gelled together really well on the first day. I have added a Welcome letter below which outlines our routines and expectations, so have a read if you can.

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact the admin office or speak to us on the Duffryn Close path.

Many thanks,

Mrs Harrison-James & Mrs Blackwell


Welcome to Class 3

          Happy Holidays!       16/7/21

We have had another great year in Class 3 despite all the disruptions and I want to say how proud I am of all the children and their hard work.  They have been a super bunch to work with and I will miss them all over the holidays.  The Year 3 children I know will continue to be the amazing young people they are and achieve even greater success in Class 4 - keep pushing and working hard!  And the Year 2 children will continue to wow us with their amazing commitment and attitude!  I am so lucky to be teaching them again in September.  We are also excited to be welcoming our new children into Class 3 too.  Such happy, positive times ahead of us.  A huge thanks for all our end of year presents and kind words, they are much appreciated and mean the world to us.

Have a restful, safe and happy holidays everyone and remember to be kind! 

See you all soon,


Mrs Harrison-James,

Mrs Blackwell and Miss McKay xxxxx

SPELLINGS AND READING BOOKS                                            11/6/21

Here is the new spellings list for this half term.  The date is when the children will be tested on those words. Please practise the words for about 10 minutes every night rather than an hour the night before.  Also keep the tables going, the children in Year 2 need to know 2, 3, 5 &10 and the Year 3 children need to know 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 &10.

Make sure all reading books are handed in on Monday so we can hear the children read in the week and then we hand them back on Thursday.  We only had 17 books in this week which means only 17 children read with an adult in class.  Please bring books in even if you haven't finished the book or haven't had chance to hear your child read.  We can hear them at school but we are stuck without any books!!

Thank you, Mrs H-J x


Hello!                                                             11/5/21

A few parents have asked recently if there is any extra work that the children could do over the next few weeks to give them a boost before the next academic year.  The children are all working extremely hard in class and they are making very good progress after the turbulent months we have had. However, if you would like some extra work, I have added some below.  I have chosen activities in Maths and English that the children sometimes struggle with. Pick and choose what you would like to do with your child but please don't feel any pressure to complete the work.

Many thanks,

Mrs Harrison-James 



Here are the spellings for the next few weeks.  The first date is the date they are given out and then the children will be tested the following Friday. The best way the learn spellings so they become part of the children's long term memory, is every day for 5 minutes rather than the night before.

Thank you, Mrs H-J xxx


Welcome Back!                                                 12/4/21

We hope you have had a safe and restful Easter holiday.  We are really looking forward to the Summer Term, we will be learning about 'Planet Earth' and we have lots of fun and exciting lessons and activities planned with the children.  This is our final term this academic year so we are going to make it our best, pushing and supporting the children as much as we can to ensure they achieve their potential! 

Best wishes,

Mrs Harrison-James, Mrs Blackwell & Miss McKay




Happy Easter!

We have had a lovely term together.  The children have been wonderful over the past few weeks.  They have worked really hard and it has been great to hear them play and fun again as a whole class. 

Thanks again for all your support over the past year, it has been very difficult  for many reasons but the children have bounced back as I knew they would and are doing really well.

We would like to wish you all a very safe and happy Easter together. We have recorded an Easter treat called Easter Jubilation which you can find on Teams.  Enjoy!  

Best wishes,

Mrs Harrison-James, Mrs Blackwell & Miss McKay


Happy Return to School Day!!!                                         15/3/21

We are so happy to be welcoming all the Year 3 children back to school after over 3 months away from class.  A huge thank you to all the parents for working so hard at home with the children, it will make such a difference when they return!  And also thank you so much for all your kind emails and messages of support for the school. We really appreciate every one.

Stay safe and take care,

love Mrs Harrison-James, Mrs Blackwell

and Miss McKay xxx


Happy International Women's Day!                                                  8/3/21

Hello everyone, here we are at the last home learning week before we are all back together again as a class.  There are lot's of different and fun (hopefully!) lessons for you to complete this week as there's lots going on internationally.  It's International Women's Day and Commonwealth day on Monday which we will be celebrating as well as preparing for Mother's Day on Sunday.

I hope you enjoy your last week at home so make the most of family time together. I am so excited to see you all next week as we have missed you all so much, some of you I've seen on Teams everyday but some I haven't seen since before Christmas.  It's been a long time but I know you are all more than ready for the challenges ahead and with a little sprinkle of fun along the way, we will get there and achieve much success.  Happy days full of fun and laughter are ahead of us again!  

So on that note, have a great week, keep going, keep pushing yourself and we'll see you very soon!

Stay safe and take care,

lots of love,

Mrs Harrison-James, Mrs Blackwell & Miss McKay


Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant Hapus!                                                          1/3/21

Happy St David's Day Everyone!  Here we are with a new month, spring is on it's way and the weather is slowly getting brighter and warmer! We have lots of fun lessons all week, particularly for St David's Day so hopefully you will have a fun week whether in school or at home. (The National Parks of Wales PowerPoint can't be uploaded onto this website so you will find that in Teams Resources.)

Remember to try and join us everyday at 9.15am for our Teams meeting as it really does give you a little boost in the morning and helps to start your day.  You can also see your friends and have some fun with them online too!

We are here all day if you need our help so please contact us as we love to hear from you all.  

Have a lovely sunny week! See you all soon! Take care and stay safe!

Love Mrs Harrison-James, Mrs Blackwell & Miss McKay



Hello and Welcome Back!!                         22/2/21

I hope you have had a lovely half term break!  Underneath I've added the work for this week that some of us will be completing in school and most of you will be completing at home.  For the Year 3 children who are at home, Mrs Blackwell and I are still available all day if you need any help with anything, just message us on Teams or by email or you can contact the school direct by phone. Please let us know if you need any help.  The Year 2 children will be back in school from Monday so we are here to help you in school.  Also we will have a teams meeting everyday but at 9.15am so I look forward to seeing you all then. Fingers crossed we will all be back together as a whole class soon.  

Have a great week, take care of yourselves and stay safe!!

See you soon,

Love Mrs Harrison-James, Mrs Blackwell and Miss McKay


Hello Everyone!!                                                                                                                                      8/2/21

Here we are the last week before half term.  Hopefully, there are lots of activities for you to enjoy before we break up for a little holiday. Well done for working so hard this half term.  We are so proud of you all and your parents.  Have a lovely restful half term holiday and we'll see you all soon.  Take care of yourselves and remember to stay safe!!

Love to you all,

Mrs H-J and Mrs Blackwell xxxxxx

Hello Everyone,

It's a new month so let's get started on this week's work!  There are lots of lessons about Wales this week so enjoy and have fun!  Remember if you need any help you know where we are!!

Have a great week, look after yourself and stay safe!

Love Mrs H-J and Mrs Blackwell xxxx


Hello Class 3!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Here's the work for this week and love is in the air as it is St Dwynwen's Day on Monday!

Have a great week and remember if you need any help you know where to find me! And I am hoping to see you at our Teams meeting at 9.30. Take care and stay safe!

Love Mrs Harrison-James xxx

Hi Everyone,                                                                                                      18/1/21

I hope you have had a lovely weekend!  Here is the work for this week. Remember, if you need any help, I am waiting to hear from you on Teams!  And hopefully I'll see you in our meetings at 9.30 everyday!  Have a great week, and keep working hard!

Love Mrs H-J xxxxx

Hello Everyone!                                                                                                  11/1/21

I hope you have had a good weekend. Here is your work for this week.  Do as much as you can in any order you can.  Just a reminder that we will be meeting on Teams at 9.30am. Log into Hwb, then you'll find Teams in Office 365.  You will be asked to join at 9.30.  I hope it works!! The meeting is not a lesson just a chance for us to catch up. If you need any help you can find me on Teams from 8.45 or you can email me at

Have a great week!

Love Mrs H-J xxxxx

Happy New Year!!                                        6/1/21

I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and Santa was good to you! 

Welcome back to school, but in a different way for most of you.  We're back to online learning for a little while so underneath is your work for Weds, Thurs and Friday of this week.  I know it's hard with some parents working from home but try and do as much as you can. If you need any help with your work you can email me at:  or log onto teams and I will be there every day to help.  Or just contact me to say hello as I have missed you all so much and I can't wait to see you all again soon! 

Take care of yourselves, be kind and stay safe!

Lots of love,

Mrs Harrison-James,

Mrs Blackwell and Miss McKay xxxx

Abacus Maths Text Books

Follow the links below to access online versions of the maths textbooks and workbooks that we use in class.  You don't need to create an account to use them, but you may need to agree to the T&Cs the first time you follow the links.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Here is our poem that we have been learning in class.  We had lots of fun learning it and great fun recording it as you can see!!  Love Class 3 xxxx


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Hello All!                                                     11/12/20

I've added some extra home learning packs for the children to cover the last two days of term (Thursday and Friday 17+18th December).  The packs are very big so I don't expect the children to complete them, but they can choose which Maths and English they would like to complete on those days.  They also have their Autumn Term homework jigsaw to complete if time.

 Most importantly, we would like you to keep yourselves safe and well.  Take care and look after each other! If you need to contact me about any work over those two days my email address is

See you soon & Merry Christmas!

Love Mrs H-J, Mrs Blackwell and Miss McKay.


Hello!                                                             7/12/20

I hope you are all well and staying safe.  Here are the spellings for the children to learn this week.  They will be the last spellings of this year so let's go for 10/10!

Don't forget that it's Christmas dinner on Wednesday and Christmas jumper day on Friday so the children can wear Christmassy clothes/jumpers on both those days if they want to.

Have a great week! Take care all!

Love Mrs H-J xxx


We are learning 'Twas the night before Christmas' poem as a class this year and hopefully all going well technically you will be able to see it as a Christmas treat!  I've added a copy of the poem for your child to practice at home.  They know which verse is theirs so have fun!  Thank you xxx


Here are this week's spellings.  The children really worked hard last week to learn them so well done all. Have fun practicing!

Love Mrs H-J smiley xxx


Monday 23rd November 2020

Hi Everyone,

We are starting our more formal spelling lessons and tests this week. I have put your child into their spelling groups based on a recent spelling assessment. The groups are Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. I will upload the spellings on this website every Monday and the children will be tested on the following Monday (30th November).  The best way to learn spelling words is little and often.  Start the children off by just copying the words for the first two days.  Then give them a little test.  If they had any wrong, practice those for the rest of the week.  Just 5 minutes a day makes a big difference.  Practicing for one hour the night before the test might work in the short term but the words won't be stored in the children's long term memory and that's what we need.  Thank you.  

Also just a reminder that we need all the Year 2 books back in class on a Monday, don't worry if the children haven't read the book, we can catch up in class.

Have a great week! Take care!

Mrs H-J xxx

Spellings for November 23rd 2020



Welcome Back!                                 2/11/20

I hope you have had a restful half term break!  Just to remind you the children's Harvest song is on Teams in their Hwb account. Have a look, it will make you smile!!

I've added the children's homework jigsaw below so take a look at that as well.  The children can complete it when they want and choose what they would like to do first.

Another reminder that we need all the Year 2 reading books back in school as we can't change them or hear the children read in class.  Please bring them back asap.  Many thanks! Have a great week!

Best wishes, Mrs Harrison-James xxx

Harvest 2020

For our Harvest celebrations we have recorded our harvest song.  The children enjoyed learning the song and we had lots of fun making the crowns. We hope you enjoy the video, we had lots of fun making it.

I would like to wish you all a happy and safe half term holiday.  The children have been wonderful this term and it is amazing how hard they have worked and how happy and resilient they are in these uncertain times.  I am a very lucky teacher!  Have a lovely break and we'll see you soon! 

Take care and best wishes from Mrs H-J, Mrs Blackwell and Miss McKay xxx


Here are some photos of the children working in class this term.  They have been working super hard this half term and I am very proud of every one  of them, they are a lovely bunch of children and it is a pleasure to teach them every day! xxx



We are looking at time this week.  It would be great if you could help your child practice telling the time at home.  We have focused on 'o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to' with one group and the other group we have been looking at 'o'clock, 5 past, 10 past, quarter past, 20 past, 25 past, half past, 25 to, 20 to, quarter to, 10 to and 5 to' the hour. 

Here is the interactive clock that we use in class

Also I have added some time games on the children's Abacus website.

It is also Bike Week, so it would be lovely to see the children on their bikes and scooters around school!

Have a great week!

Best wishes,

Mrs Harrison-James

Welcome to Class 3

We have had a great start to our new term and it is lovely to see all the children back and ready to learn! I have attached the welcome letter to this message just to remind you of PE times and what to bring to school.  Also attached is our planning for this term. The children/parents can email me at any time if you have any queries or concerns about anything at school. Please contact me at or contact the school in the usual ways and I will get back to you asap.

Many thanks and stay safe!

Mrs Harrison-James and Mrs Blackwell


Hi Everyone!!                                                                                     13/7/20    Well we have arrived at our last home schooling week of this academic year.  We are looking forward to seeing some Year 3 children this week for their final 2 days back in school. We are so excited to see you!! 

I just want to say how proud I am of you all and all your hard work over the past 14 weeks.  I know it has been tough for some families especially with both parents working from home but I know you have all tried your best to keep up with everything. Well done to you all! 

I am so sad that we didn't get to finish the year together in school but I know that next year we are going to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and really push on from September. You are all wonderful children, I am so lucky to have had the chance to teach you, some of you I have taught before and some of you I will teach again soon.  Have a wonderful, restful summer holidays!  Look after yourself and your families and remember the important things in life!  Stay safe, take care and be kind!

Lots of love and cwtches,

Mrs Harrison-James and Mrs Blackwell


Hi Everyone!!                                                                                        6/7/20

I hope you have a great week this week!  I'll be seeing some of you in the Hub and really looking forward to seeing some of the Year 2 children!  I am super excited!!  Lot's of outdoor lessons this week so hopefully we will have some nice weather - fingers crossed!!

Have a lovely week everyone!

Love and cwtches,

Mrs Harrison-James & Mrs Blackwell



Hi Everyone!  I hope you have had a lovely weekend and are rested for the week ahead!  Where has all our hot weather gone?  Nevermind, the water is good for the plants! 

Well this is an exciting week as some of you are coming back to school!  We can't wait to see you and catch up with all you have been doing at home!  We still have home schooling running throughout the next three weeks so keep cracking on!  I am so impressed by all your hard work. I'm working at school most of this week, but please keep emailing me and stay in touch.  I might not get back to you straight away but I wilI try my best to reply asap as I love hearing from you all!

Have a great week!  Stay safe and be kind!

Lots of love and cwtches,

Mrs Harrison-James & Mrs Blackwell


Hi Everyone!!                                                                                   22/6/20

I hope you are all safe and well and looking after each other!  Here we are at Week 11 of home schooling!  And I know you are all working super hard and I am really proud.  Keep going even though sometimes you don't want to, keep at it!  You are making a big difference!! 

The school staff are all back in school this week, getting the school ready to see you all again and I can't wait to see you!  

This week we are learning about equality through our Black Lives Matter work. I hope you enjoy it.  Let me know if you need any help with anything and keep posting your Flipgrid videos, or come and chat on Teams - I'd love to see you!

Have a great week, stay safe and be kind!

Love and cwtches,

Mrs Harrison-James & Mrs Blackwell


Quick note from Mrs McCall - if the Embrace Our Differences powerpoint won't work for you, use the PDF version instead.  Some seem to be experiencing some problems downloading it.  Any problems give me a shout and I can email it to you directly smiley

Certificates for taking part in the Cardiff City (Bluebirds) Home Learning

Hi Everyone!!                                                  15/6/20

Here we are at week 10! Where did that time go? I hope you are all safe and well.  And I hope you are enjoying the stories I have sent you over the past few weeks.  This week is your choice so email me if you would like to see me read 'The Magic Finger' or 'George's Marvellous Medicine'.

Have a great week, stay safe and be kind!

Lots of love,

Mrs Harrison-James & Mrs Blackwell


Hi Everyone!                                                                                          8/6/20

Here we are at week 9 of home schooling!  I hope all is going well and that you have had a good weekend.  Remember to message me when you can and pop into to see us all in Teams.

Have a great week!

Love Mrs H-J and Mrs Blackwell 


Hi everyone!                                                                               1/6/20

I hope you have had a good half term!  We've had wonderful weather and I think it's going to continue for a while!  Try and take every opportunity to get outside and enjoy it, but safely of course!

Make sure you email me to let me know what you've been up to over the last week - I'd love to hear from you!

My email address is

Or you can email Mrs Blackwell at

Or you can contact me on Teams via your Hwb address.  Log into Hwb, click on Office 365 and scroll across to Teams, click on chat and you should see us all chatting in there.  I'm normally there from about 8.30am - come and chat!  You can also share videos on Flipgrid and see your friends videos, that's on Hwb too!

Did you enjoy the last two chapters of our book 'The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark'?  Check your Hwb inbox for all the story! Let me know what you thought of it!

Have a great week everyone!  Take care, stay safe and be kind!

Love Mrs Harrison-James & Mrs Blackwell



Wishing you all a happy and safe half term!!

Have a good rest, enjoy the weather and have lots of fun!!

Be kind!  

Lots of love and cwtches,

Mrs Harrison-James & Mrs Blackwell xxx

Hi Everyone!  Here we are at week 7.  Hope you are all well and staying safe.  I've had a few problems with Flipgrid last week so I've had to set up a new grid.  One last week of school work before half term!!!  Have a great week, and keep sending me your emails and messages on teams as I love to hear from you all!!!

Take care, stay safe and be kind,

Love Mrs H-J xxxxxxx

Hi Everyone!                                                                                    11/5/20

Here we are at week 6.  Hope you are all well and all enjoying the time with your families.  We set up Teams last week so click on to your Hwb account, click onto Office 365 and then you should see Teams on the right. Click on it and join the chat!!  I'm normally on it at some point during the day and I'm always there first thing to say 'Hi'.  It's a good way to keep in contact with your friends, sharing the things that you've been up to.  Also keep posting your videos on Flipgrid - I love seeing your lovely faces as I miss you all so much.  And remember if you or your parents need any help or want to show me your work or just what you've been doing then email me at   

How are the Friday Stories going?  Are you enjoying them?  I have a new hair dye this week so check out the next might see a change!!

Have a great week, stay safe and be kind,

Love Mrs H-J xxxxx

Hiya Everyone!                                                                 4/5/20

Hope you are all well and have had a lovely weekend!  Here we are at week 5 and only 4 days this week as we have a Bank Holiday on Friday!  It looks like we have the nice weather back so all good! Well done for putting your videos on Flipgrid!  It's been lovely to see you all.  Keep emailing me - I love to hear from you all. And remember if you have any problems please let me know and I will help you the best I can.

Take care, and stay safe and have lot's of fun!

Love Mrs H-J xxxx

Morning All!                                                                                       27/4/20

How are you doing?  Here we are at week 4!  And it looks like the weather is changing a bit doesn't it?  Never mind it's a new week with lots of fun activities to complete. 

Please remember to email me at and let me know how you got on.  Or you could send me photos of your work if you can, I have had lots of lovely photos already and I can see you are all working super hard!  I knew you all would!  Well done!  If you have any problems or you think the work is too hard or too easy let me know too.  I love hearing from you!  Miss you all!  Take care, stay safe and be kind! 

See you all soon, love Mrs H-J xxx

Hi Everyone!

I hope you have had a restful holiday!  Back to home learning next week, see the link below. Also I've sent you weekly Friday stories - let me know what you think.  I need lots of help with learning ideas for our new summer term topic 'Where in the world?'  so email me with your ideas.  Enjoy your first week back and let me know how everything goes I really enjoy hearing from you all.

Take care, love Mrs H-J & Mrs Blackwell  xxx


Hi everyone!  I hope you've had a good week and have most importantly had fun with your family! I've sent you a story for the end of the week that I recorded earlier.  I hope it works!  I've sent it to your Hwb account.  Fingers crossed!! Anyway, enjoy the weekend, keep sending me lots of emails, keep safe and take care!

Love Mrs H-J xxx

Hello everyone!   26/3/20

Just a short message to say thank you so much for your emails today!  I love hearing from you and seeing all your lovely pictures of the fun you're having and all the work you are completing!  Keep them coming! I hope you are all enjoying this glorious weather!  I am going to share the joke of the day which was sent to me by Gwen and made us all laugh this morning! Here goes...

What bees make milk?

Boobees!!! smileyxxx   

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Hope you've had another good day!  Mrs Blackwell wants to see how you're doing too so if you want to share some of your work with her or just tell her some of the things that your up to you can email her at:  yes

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Week 1 March 23rd

Hi everyone!  I hope you have all had a productive day and made the most of this beautiful weather!

Make sure you email me any work you've completed if you can as I am looking forward to hearing from you all. If you need any help with anything drop me an email too! smiley

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Due to the current situation around COVID-19 pupils may be working some of the next term remotely.  In order to help parents and children with this we will be setting tasks to complete on their online platforms (such as Hwb and Purple Mash) and also sending some work home in a Home Learning Book.  Unfortunately we do not have the resources available at school to print out all of the work for every pupil in the school, so we will also be uploading some tasks and work to class pages.  Parents are not necessarily required to print all of this work at home, but if you can help your child read the work on the computer, they can write the answers or complete the tasks in their Home Learning Book.  Could you please ensure that anything printed off, or completed on separate sheets of paper, is stuck into their books.


We absolutely appreciate that this is going to be a difficult time for everyone, and will support parents and children as best we can remotely.  If you require further clarification about tasks set, pupils can email their class teacher using their Hwb email addresses.  We politely request that these email addresses are not used for any other reason, we will however be monitoring our email address to deal with any important enquiries.


Mrs Harrison-James:



30 Day Lego Challenge

Please find below a suggested daily routine, as requested by parents.  Of course this will need to modified to suit your own children and circumstances, but we hope it will help as a starting point.

Suggested Daily Routine

Join Joe for PE every day (Mon-Fri) at 9am

January 2020                   Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

Hope you have all had an exciting and restful holiday.  Welcome back to the Spring Term!  Just a few reminders:

Registration Time - The children are registered at 8.55am.  Please make sure your child is in class by 8.55am, also remind grandparents and child minders.

Reading Books - We try our best to hear the children read at least once a week, this means that reading books and records need to be in the children's bags everyday.

Spellings - Spellings are given out every Friday to be tested the following Thursday, please make sure your child has their spelling books.

Times table Tests - We will also be introducing times table tests this term.  Please help your child to learn their tables as it forms the foundation of all their future numeracy learning in KS2.  We recommend that children use this website to test themselves on their times tables:

PE kits - Our PE lessons are held every Tuesday and Thursday so please make sure the children have their kits on those days.

Homework Books - Please bring in the children's homework books asap so this term's jigsaw can be added.


We're looking forward to another fantastic term!

Best Wishes,

Mrs Harrison-James & Mrs Blackwell


FREE Online Learning Resources

Please find below a non-exhaustive list that might help those affected by school closures due to coronavirus, compiled by home educators.



Our Autumn Trip to Cardiff Castle! We had a fantastic day! 22/10/19



Online learning - We have had a few glitches with out online learning but we have checked every username and password of every child and they are all working at school. If you have any other concerns, please contact us.  Many thanks x


Online Learning - The children have been given all their usernames and passwords for Hwb, Purple Mash, Abacus and Oxford Reading Buddy.  They have also been set extra learning on these sites.  Have a look at home and try some of the activities with your child!  You can also see what they have been learning about on Hwb! 

Have fun!  Mrs H-J x

18/9/19 - PE Reminder!

PE is every Tuesday and Thursday.  Please make sure your child has their house colour t-shirt or a white t-shirt plus black joggers/leggings or shorts.  Thanks, Mrs H-J

Welcome to Class 3!  2019/2020

Welcome to and welcome back to Class 3.  We hope you have had a restful and fun packed summer holiday!  Class 3 is a mixed class of Year 2 and Year 3 and you can be assured that your child will be taught according to their abilities and needs not their age group.  We will endeavour to ensure that your child is pushed and nurtured as much as possible so that they can reach their potential and beyond in Class 3.

This is just a quick letter to outline the expectations of your child in class. 

The School Day

School starts at 8.55am.  Please supervise your children on the top yard until the bell rings.  The children will then line up in their designated lines.  If your child is late or absent, please phone the office ASAP.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast is free to all children.  Children will be offered toast, cereal and a juice drink. When the children have finished their breakfast they are able to play with the games and toys available. 

It opens at 8.20am. Doors close at 8.40am.  Children are supervised throughout their time in breakfast club.  Breakfast is an extra service provided by the school and we expect only good behaviour from the children.

What to bring to school

Your child needs to bring a bottle filled with water only and a labelled piece of fruit and a book bag to take reading books home and any letters.  All teaching and learning resources/equipment are provided by the school so there is no need for pencil cases. 


‘Only my best is good enough for me’

We at Coychurch achieve very high standards and we have very high expectations of your child. Our lessons are planned to meet the needs of each child and they will be pushed and stretched at every opportunity.  Whatever their ability, we can assure you that they will be challenged so they truly reach their potential and beyond if possible.  We can only do this if your child tries their very best and shows good behaviour throughout the day.  The children will be rewarded with class dojos, certificates and stickers.

It is crucial at this stage in your child’s education that they attend school every day in order to achieve their very best. 


‘The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn the more places you'll go.’ Dr Zeus.

Reading is the most important gift we can give to our children. It is the core skill to all our learning and it will continue to be to a core focus in Class 3.  Please hear your child read as often as possible and also read to them as often as possible. 

Many people think reading to their children is an infant activity but research shows us that if children are immersed in reading throughout the childhood they will be exposed to all sorts of different vocabulary, genres, experiences which will boost their imagination, listening, speaking and writing skills in class.  Men reading with and to children also make a big impact on boys and girls.  We will endeavour to hear the children read their personal reading books at least once a week.  We also have focussed guided reading lessons and also they have the opportunity to read throughout their lessons in the day.

P.E – Physical Development

PE will be taught on a Tuesday and a Thursday.  Please provide your child with a plain white t-shirt or their house colour t-shirt and black or navy shorts or joggers. You will be informed if the children need trainers the week before the lesson. 


Your child will be expected to read every night, practise spellings and times tables. They will also have a termly home learning sheet to complete plus termly projects and intervention work. Spellings and multiplication tables will be given out on a Friday to be learned through the week for a quick test on the following Thursday. 

Termly Overviews

Each term I will send out an overview of the Teaching and Learning in each subject area in Class 3.


We celebrate the children’s birthday in class but we do not allow birthday cakes/sweets etc… to share as we are a healthy school and also we have allergies to certain food in our class.

Class 3 Staff

Mrs Harrison-James – Class Teacher          

Mrs Blackwell – LSO                        

If you have any concerns or issues about any aspect of your child’s education here at Coychurch, please do not hesitate in contacting me or any staff member.


Best Wishes,

Mrs Harrison-James & Mrs Blackwell

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