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* INSET Day Friday 27th May *

Dosbarth 4 - Miss Jones

Croeso yn ol.  Welcome back to Autumn 2021.

We are really looking forward to our 'Going to the Movies, The Greatest Showman topic'.


Miss Jones - Class Teacher/ Athrawes 

Mrs O'Brien - Learning Support Officer

Miss Gronow - 1:1 Support Officer



Class 4 remember to bring your spelling and reading books every day please and your water bottle, fruit for break time.  Tues and Fri please wear PE kit to school.  Thank you.

Remember to head over to your HWB account every few days, jump onto your 'Teams' to find the latest photos and news from class.  Remember this is where you will find this week's planning and spellings.  Go to files and find the appropriate file in Class materials, as we discuss weekly in class.  Diolch!

Week 9 planning. 8th March International Women's Day! Commonwealth Day. Fairtrade Fortnight.

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus!

Happy St.David's Day! 

Week 8 planning.

Welcome back after February half term, we have 8 children in class today and everyone else is working at home.  Please find the planning we are all following below.  Hope you had a good break and are recharged ready for a good Spring half term.  

Planning Spring Term - Calon Lan Week 7 Class 4 22/2/2021


Bore da, Happy Wednesday, hope you are all well.  A massive well done to you all on your home learning and Teams meetings, keep it up for the rest of the week, email us or chat to us in Teams if need more help.  Diolch Miss Jones and Mrs O'Brien.

Happy New Year!

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda Dosbarth 4, Happy New Year from myself, Miss Jones and Mrs O'Brien.  We are pleased to welcome you back to our learning, most children in our class are accessing this at home.  We hope you are all well, safe and happy.  We have missed you and are thinking of you.  We hope you had a lovely Christmas holiday and a great New Year.


Email me if need help -

Abacus Maths Text Books

Follow the links below to access online versions of the maths textbooks and workbooks that we use in class.  You don't need to create an account to use them, but you may need to agree to the T&Cs the first time you follow the links.

Spring Planning 2021.

Here is your theme overview - Calon Lan.

Spring Term - Calon Lan - Week 6 Class 4 2021

Spring Term - Calon Lan - Week 5 Class 4 2021

Spring Term - Calon Lan - Week 4 Class 4 2021

Spring Term - Calon Lan - Week 3 Class 4 2021

Spring Term - Calon Lan - Week 2 Class 4 2021

Spring Term - Calon Lan - Week 1 Class 4 2021

Autumn planning 2020.

Week 14 Autumn 2020 Class 4 Dec 14 2020

Week 7 Autumn 2020 Class 4

Week 6 Autumn 2020 Class 4 Planning

Teachers are back in school this week, Mon, Tues, Wed, so you will not hear from us as much online during this time. We will be in meetings in school and preparing for the pupils who will be coming in for the ‘Catch up sessions’ sessions. Thursday and Friday this week the teachers will work from home, so we will catch up more with you then.

Class 4, Week 11

Certificates for taking part in the Cardiff City (Bluebirds) Home Learning

Hi Class 4! Just a quick note to say that the link in the planning for the River Nile work (Literacy, Thursday) doesn't seem to work all of the time.  If you're having problems with it you can use the powerpoint called 'Why Was The River Nile So Important' and the 'River Nile Mind Map' to jot down your ideas instead.  They are in the Files - Week 9 folder on teams, and also below! Thanks smiley

Class 4, Week 7

Please find below the planning for Class 4 for week 7.  


Most of the resources that you will need are also available to download here.  You will also need your Abacus text books for Maths, which are available online using the links below if you don't have a copy at home.


During the week we will also be working from the following links: 


Please get in touch via email or on teams if you need any help smiley

Miss Jones

Summer Term 2020, Class 4, weekly home learning plans.

Shwmae dosbarth 4, how is week 5 of home learning finding you?  laugh Hope you are all really well and managing to enjoy your time at home with your family.  Lovely to see the sunshine!  cool Our Teams page on Hwb in Office is thriving and it was wonderful to have half of our class on Quizlet Live yesterday.  Remember Tuesday at 2 for the next Quizlet Live.  Thank you to all the pupils and parents who have emailed or shared their work on Teams and to all the children who have made a video for Flipgrid, it really is wonderful to see you blush  If you have not yet dropped by to Teams, Flipgrid or dropped me a line to say 'Hi', please do, we would love to hear from you.

This week our class is 'Breaking down the Borders' by looking at the world of slavery in Ancient Egypt and Rome.  We have learnt lots of interesting facts from History already.  Can't wait to find out more!  wink 

Take care, stay safe, you and your families are all in my thoughts, Miss Jones.



Shwmae Dosbarth 4, sut wyt ti?  How is everyone doing as we enter week 4 of home learning?  I am missing you all, in these strange unprecedented times of lock down!  I hope you are all well, happy and safe.  The link below will give you this week's learning plans, please have a go if you are able to, email me if you need any help

Please use your HWB account to communicate with us.  Do this by going into Microsoft office, you can email me, you can drop into Teams and say hi to everyone in your class and if you hop over to Flipgrid (look for green and white cross icon)  you can watch our Spring and Summer Term videos.  This week we are also trying something new called Quizlet!  This will be on Wednesday, look at the planning and drop into Teams to find out more.  Please email me all the lovely work you have been doing at home as we get stuck into our new topic of 'Bringing down the Borders' with a special focus this week on how the Coronvirus has affected all our lives and prevented us from living the way we normally do.  Take care, stay safe.


Letter from Miss Jones

Message from Miss Jones

Hi Class 4 pupils and parents,

I want to begin by saying a massive well done on adjusting to our new ways of home learning and playing.  The last two weeks have been highly unusual for us at Coychurch, us in Wales and across the world.  Everyone is living and working in a different way than they did just a few weeks ago and we are all doing a great job!  I have rung every parent in our class and it has been a real pleasure to speak to you all and our pupils.  It was wonderful and reassuring for me to hear your voices and find out how you are getting on at home in these unprecedented days.  Remember if you need me at any time you can email me on  Easter is around the corner and we are all looking forward to a welcome 2 week break and spending time with our families.  We will pick back up with online work again when Summer Term starts.

 Last week Class 4 began to develop a great communication system on our class teams’ page.  It was in this week’s Literacy learning also, so if you have not logged on yet and said ‘Hi!’ - you will find us in your Hwb account, in Microsoft office, under the blue icon teams, Class 4, icon with pencils.  Come and join our chat and stay in touch with your class mates and teachers, whilst we cannot all be together at school.  This week we entered the wonderful world of the flipgrid, (one of your home learning tasks this week).  To find this go into your Hwb on the main page, green with a white cross icon.  Here you can post a short video or type a message if you are camera shy and reply to your friends via video.  It has been a lot of fun and great to see everyone.  I will sign off there for now, Class 4 pupils and parents- stay safe, look after yourself and each other.  Keep washing your hands and enjoy your Easter holidays – it will definitely be one we will not forget! 




Due to the current situation around COVID-19 pupils may be working some of the next term remotely.  In order to help parents and children with this we will be setting tasks to complete on their online platforms (such as Hwb and Purple Mash) and also sending some work home in a Home Learning Book.  Unfortunately we do not have the resources available at school to print out all of the work for every pupil in the school, so we will also be uploading some tasks and work to class pages.  Parents are not necessarily required to print all of this work at home, but if you can help your child read the work on the computer, they can write the answers or complete the tasks in their Home Learning Book.  Could you please ensure that anything printed off, or completed on separate sheets of paper, is stuck into their books.


We absolutely appreciate that this is going to be a difficult time for everyone, and will support parents and children as best we can remotely.  If you require further clarification about tasks set, pupils can email their class teacher using their Hwb email addresses.  We politely request that these email addresses are not used for any other reason, we will however be monitoring our email address to deal with any important enquiries.


Miss Jones:

Croeso i ddosbarth 4 

Athrawes/Class Teacher - Miss V Jones

Learning Support Officer - Mrs D Davies

Learning Support Officer (Wed) - Miss R Powell

30 Day Lego Challenge

Please find below a suggested daily routine, as requested by parents.  Of course this will need to modified to suit your own children and circumstances, but we hope it will help as a starting point.

Suggested Daily Routine

Week 1 Home Learning

Join Joe for PE every morning (Mon-Fri) at 9am!

FREE Online Learning Resources

Please find below a non-exhaustive list that might help those affected by school closures due to coronavirus, compiled by home educators.

Jigsaw homework sheet on space. Pupil voice ideas for the term.

Spelling. New spellings are given the end of the week Thurs/Fri, test the following Thurs.

Dyma Criw Cymraeg!

Rocket day! Astro Cymru workshops Class 4 and 5. 23/1/2020

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda.  Croeso yn ol.

We hope you had a fantastic Christmas and New Year and are refreshed and barod for the new Spring Term 2020, Gwanwyn. 


Our exciting new topic for this term is Space.

The pupils have chosen to call this topic - 

'Spectacular Space Chase adventures'.


Here are a few class reminders:

Registration Time - the bell is rung at 8.55am and it is straight into class.

Reading and Spelling Books - please bring every day and read a few times a week at home.

Spellings -  test every Thursday, working on our class spellings, patterns and words we keep forgetting to spell correctly. 

Times table Tests - every Friday, starting with x2, x5, x10  Week 3 (20/1) moving onto x3, x4.

Big Maths Tests - every Monday.

PE and games days - bring sports kit every Monday - we have Cardiff City Football for 6 weeks and every Friday gymnastics in the hall with Mr Garner.

Homework Books - please record your child's progress and any activities in their homework books. (See Spring Homework Jigsaw).  If you could draw or make a rocket or space-themed item for class discussion and display that would be appreciated.

Diolch yn fawr for your continued support,

Miss V Jones, Mrs D Davies, Mrs R Powell.


Nativity and Frozen characters for our show. 2019.

DT, Science, History project. Using a WW2 recipe to make tasty carrot cookies. We were surprised how tasty they were! Delicious!

DT and Science project, make a cake at home to taste test in preparation for WW2 cakes.

Shwmae pawb a chroeso,

Welcome to Class 4, Autumn term 2019.  We have a lot of things to look forward to as we embark on our learning journey.

Our topic this term is Time Travellers-20th Century with a particular emphasis on WW2. We have arranged a visit to the WW2 museum in Swansea Bay and other workshops to take place in school. We are excited to learn more!

 Any queries about any aspect of life in Class 4, please contact me.

Best wishes Miss V Jones (Class 4 Teacher)

Celebrating Children In Need. Getting fit with Joe Wicks, Big Morning Move. Ymddrech dda!

Anti-bullying week 11/11/19.

The Hive. Welsh graffiti wall. Come along and 'ysgrifennwch in Welsh'.

WW2 visitors. Mrs Cottle and Mrs Collins came to talk to us about being a child in the war.

We wrote war poetry, Year 5 are displaying their poems at the local church. They will be visiting to take part in Remembrance of fallen soldiers.

Seagrass rehearsal for church. Part 1.

Still image for this video

Seagrass rehearsal 2.

Still image for this video

We are working hard with our Cymraeg. We had a visitor from the Urdd, she taught us 'gemau Cymraeg'. We had a lot of fun. We are going to play the games in our Welsh and PE lessons.

9/10/19 Seagrass assembly. Learning how to help look after the seagrass. Look out for us at our Harvest assembly.

8/10/19 We took part in the Summer library challenge. Here we are with our certificates.


Maths - the children are learning about clocks, analogue and digital.  Y5 have been looking at TV timetables.

Literacy - dilemma stories and big questions - we have been considering what we would do in situations and whether we think time or money is more precious!


Trip day to Swansea Museum - pupils and staff are very excited.  We have started to learn about World War 2 and the people involved in the war.  Today will help to bring it alive for us.  Photos to follow!

Stepping back in time to the 1940s at Swansea Bay War Museum.

Grandad's hat from the war to start off our WW2 discussion.

PE - everyone really enjoyed the 10 sessions of swimming, now it has finished please remember to keep your PE kit in school for hockey on Monday afternoon and rugby on Friday with Mr Garner.  Thank you.


Japan - we have started to learn about Japan and how life there compares to Wales.  Some staff and children are going to bring in their kimono for us to learn more about Japanese clothing.

Autumn. Warming up in Maths - quick bonds.

Welcome to Class 4 - Croeso i Dosbarth Pedwar
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