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Dosbarth 5 - Mrs Jones

Hello Class 5

We have been busy this week! Many year 6 pupils did Cycle training and achieved Level 1-well done to you all!

We have created beautiful Happy Hearts to deliver to a local Care Home to cheer up the residents who might feel lonely at this time. The pupils have also entered a Christmas Card Competition to design a card for the First Minister of Wales to send to important people across the world. 

Have a great weekend.

Best wishes Mrs Jones


New Spellings for week 11 beginning 23rd Nov, Test Tuesday 1st Dec

Sun Group

performance  importance  insurance  appearance  circumstance  assistance  resistance    entrance  substance  allowance  acceptance  instance  appliance  ambulance  guidance  inheritance their they’re there

Moon Group

distance importance balance advance ambulance guidance finance performance beautiful popular colour believe couldn’t their they’re there

Stars Group

dance  glance  balance entrance ambulance beautiful colour favourite believe wouldn’t couldn’t their they’re there


Class 5 created Happy Hearts for Residents as a local Care Home to cheer them up at this difficult time!

Class 5 Christmas Card designs for First Minister Competition-very innovative-Bendigedig!!

Success for Y6 pupils in cycling Level 1-Da iawn pawb! Sophie, Jasmine, Keira, Regan, Freya, Grace, Ellis, Morgan, Joseph, Cai and Tomas.

Hello Class 5

Here is spelling for this week:

New Spellings for week 10 beginning 16th Nov, Test Tuesday 24th Nov

Sun Group

important  significant  servant  assistant  constant  relevant  consultant  reluctant  elegant  inhabitant  irrelevant  occupant  informant  ignorant  extravagant 

Moon Group

merchant  giant  infant  applicant  brilliant  participant  accountant  dominant  instant  distant  unpleasant  elephant doesn’t white with

Stars Group

important assistant  relevant giant  infant  brilliant  instant  distant  does goes how who didn’t doesn’t


This week we have particularly enjoyed learning about the composer Hans Zimmer who has written lots of music for popular fims such as Lion King and Madagascar. We have also learnt about the start of the NHS and its Welsh founder Aneurin Bevan. Pupils have written beautiful descriptive poems about sea creatures from a picture stimulus. Hope you all have a great weekend-stay safe and well!

Best wishes Mrs Jones

Class 5 Week 11 Planning

Kandinsky circles in art and drama improvisation work outside

Hello Class 5 

Hope everyone is OK. Hope you have all enjoyed Children in Need Day and thanks to parents for your support. This week we have had some great discussions about 'Diversity' as well as learning about the effects of drugs on the human body. There has been some very powerful descriptive work done in the context of character and poetry and we have got to grips with measuring and drawing angles in maths!! Well done everyone!Have a great weekend.

Best wishes Mrs Jones

New Spellings for week 9 beginning 9th Nov, Test Tuesday 17th Nov

Sun Group

social special official financial commercial crucial  artificial  racial  beneficial  superficial  unofficial  glacial  sacrificial  antisocial  multiracial 

Moon Group

social special official financial artificial  racial brought fought rough tough enough cough although

Stars Group

bought thought nought brought fought

rough tough enough cough though although through


Class 5 Week 10 planning

Humanities Transition Day -Pencoed Cluster. Class 5 really enjoyed creating their Ideal World 🌎

Remembrance Day Commemorations- Class 5 painted pebbles and representatives took them to place at the War Grave in St Crallo’s churchyard

Week 9 planning for class 5

Hello Class 5,

I am super proud of all the fantastic work you have done this week. Again there has been a great variety of learning-particularly notable was the Virtual Transition Workshop on Humanities. The class had a very interesting discussion about what is wrong with our world and how it could be improved and created their ideal world in the form of a tetrahedron world map model. They also learnt about Remembrance Day and painted pebbles to be placed at the war memorial in the churchyard. 

Here are spellings for this week !!

Spellings for next week

New Spellings for week 8 beginning 2nd Nov, Test Tuesday 10th Nov

Sun Group

controversy convenience correspond criticise (critic + ise) curiosity definite desperate determined develop dictionary disastrous embarrass environment equip (–ped, –ment)

Moon Group

criticise curiosity definite desperate determined develop disastrous embarrass equipment unusual

Stars Group

other mother brother father sister cousin uncle auntie parent sibling 

Have a great weekend!!

Best wishes Mrs Jones

Home learning Ideas for the next half term

Autumn Leaf Art

Class 5 sandwich making- following instructions!

Hello Class 5

Thank you for such an enjoyable half term learning and working together. We have had another week packed full of activities.

I hope you enjoy half term, despite the Lockdown Restrictions. Stay safe and well and use the opportunity to recharge your batteries and have some quality time with your families.

I look forward to the next half term!

Best wishes 

Mrs Jonessmiley

Class 5 Week 8 Planning

Class 5 Harvest Celebrations

Still image for this video
Class 5 pupils have been working hard on the theme of harvest thanksgiving and being grateful for our body, mind and soul. They have created a class presentation, prayer and poems. Unfortunately the presentation seems to be too large for this system to upload but you can see it on our class page for Microsoft Teams! The prayer and poems should appear here also!
Hope you enjoy viewing these. Have a happy half term!
Best wishes Mrs JonesπŸ˜ŠπŸŒˆπŸ‘!

Harvest poems

Still image for this video

Hello Class 5

Here are spellings to learn for after half term. Please would you go over last week's spellings again as I will be doing a retest on those words also!! It is important to take the time to learn your spellings each week! 

Well done to those who did learn them already-you just need to revise them! 

Best wishes Mrs Jones πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š


Class 5 Spelling week 7 beginning 19th Oct, Test Tuesday 3rd Nov 

Sun Group 

average awkward bargain bruise category cemetery committee communicate community competition conscience conscious  

Moon Group 

average awkward bargain bruise communicate community competition beautiful colour measure 

Stars Group 

very every they beautiful colour measure average bargain different difficult everywhere  


Hello Class 5,

Well another busy week has gone by quickly. We have explored the theme of Autumn and Harvest through looking at a variety of leaves and using them to create artwork of prints and observational drawings. In our mindfulness activities we have thought about the meaning of reflections both in the beauty of the reflections in the natural world, looking at ourselves in the mirror and also in the sense of taking a moment to appreciate what we have- and despite the gloom associated with Covid 19, lockdown and restrictions to our lives, we concluded that there is still much to be thankful for! See the taster pictures below! Enjoy your weekend! Best wishes Mrs Jones.

Reflections on Autumn and Harvest


Class 5 Spelling week 6 beginning 12th Oct, Test Tuesday 20th Oct

Sun Group

accommodate accompany according achieve aggressive amateur ancient apparent appreciate attached available

Moon Group

accent, accident, accidentally, achieve, aggressive, appreciate, attach, attached, available, apparent

Stars Group

accident accidentally actual actually address answer appear arrive believe bicycle


Planning for Week beginning 19th Oct

Spelling for test on Tuesday 13th Oct

Hello Class 5

Below is spelling for you to learn and I am attaching the planning for next week. Have a great weekend!

Best wishes Mrs Jones



Sun Group-exciting, adventure, photographs, musician, dangerous, voice, travelled, ceiling, circumference, radius, diameter


Moon Group-Exciting, adventure, already, almost, altogether, information, important, immediately, favourite, friends


Stars Group- stopped, skipping, kicking, friend,  stick, pick,  think, park, dark, darkness

Planning for Class 5 for Week Beginning 12th Oct 2020

Class 5 enjoyed an interesting and fun art lesson looking at the work of Artist Carl Warner who makes very creative pictures from food, especially fruit and vegetables πŸ…. Pupils created their own fruit and vegetable pictures!

Week 5 Planning for class 5

Fun Virtual Transition Morning on Well-being focusing on identity!

All Class 5-spellings to revise for next week-Test on Tuesday 6th Oct


@ Class 5 2020 here are spellings to revise for next week-test on Tuesday!

half, halves, shelf, shelves, story, stories, try, tries, fairy, fairies, city, cities, could, would, should


You can find the list on Teams also!

Best wishes Mrs Jones



Hello Class 5

Hope you have enjoyed the week with lots of interesting activities.

Just a quick reminder-next week is Bike to School week so get on those bikes and scooters or walk to school if you can! It is better for the environment and for your health!

We are continuing to explore our bodies and there will be a task that you can do at home as well as in school-prepare a Powerpoint or video talk about a specific organ or main part of the body. Our art this week will focus on mandala art. I am also uploading my planning for your information.

Have a great weekend -best wishes Mrs Jones

Class 5 enjoyed creating a human model of the circulatory system outdoors in the sunshine as part of their work about body systems!

Hello Class 5,

Welcome back! It has been so lovely to meet my new class this week. We have had a fantastic start and I am sure I am going to enjoy working with all of you, helping you and learning alongside you all as we encourage each other during these complex times. 

Our classroom is familiar, yet different, as we try to keep ourselves safe at this time. Routines have to be adapted such as different entrances for each class or bubble and a slightly modified timetable. I am so pleased with the way you are all engaging with the 'new normal' and already I have been impressed with the work you have produced in just a few days. A brilliant start Class 5-well done! If parents have any queries, please contact the school office to arrange an appointment to speak to me or see me (socially distanced), or if it is quite straightforward you are welcome to email me on 

I am also uploading the parent letter and overview for this term.

Best wishes from Mrs Jones

Hello Class 5

As we close school today for the Summer, I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you all for the amazing way you have engaged with home learning and been resilient and rescourceful during the last 4 months. It has been encouraging for me as your class teacher to see the way in which you have tackled  online lessons with independence and creativity. I have really enjoyed seeing the majority of you face-to-face during the catch up sessions this last few weeks and I look forward to starting the 'new normal' back at school with you all in September. I wish the Year 6 leavers all the best for your future educational journeys and the fantastic lives you have ahead of you. Always remember to work hard, be kind and respectful, and persevere when things get tough! Be true to yourselves and believe that you can do great things. Know that I really believe in each and every one of you! 

A special thank you to all parents for your brilliant support this year. I wish all class 5 and your families a very happy, safe and healthy Summer.

Best wishes 

Mrs Jones πŸ˜Š

Hello Class 5,

We've nearly made it to the end of another year!! What a year it has been!! Lots of different things to get used to-homelearning, lockdown, social distancing to name but a few. We have had to get used to a whole new way of living our lives and new vocabulary to learn which has come about because of the Global Pandemic. However, there have been many positives e.g. more time spent with our immediate family, more free time, improved IT skills, good effects on the environment and wildlife. I have enjoyed seeing many of you this last few weeks in our 'Catch up' sessions at Coychurch. I also look forward to our last week of term and celebrating with Y6 all their achievements and memories of their time at Coychurch. Best wishes to everyone for the week ahead from Mrs Jones.smiley

Hello Everyone,

We have had a lovely week seeing some of you actually back in school for the first time in a long while. I couldn't believe the rain on our first 'Bubble Day' after all the beautiful dry weather and sunshine we have been having. But we were undaunted and still managed a lot of outside activities including a fun treasure hunt, even if the paper got soggy and we ended up with wet feet!

I am looking forward to seeing the 'Year 5 Bubble' next week.

Best wishes & stay safe and well! Mrs Jones

Year 6 Catch up Fun! Lovely to see so many!

Hello Class 5,

Bore da! Well another busy week has gone by! We have enjoyed being back in Coychurch this week with Key Worker children and it has gone well. The school looks lovely with our social distancing hearts and other signs and we have spaced out the classrooms ready for next week. I do hope we will be able to use the outdoor areas as much as possible and we hope for lovely dry weather, not too hot or cold!! I am excited and really look forward to seeing those who are able to be in school in reality, Y6 next week and Y5 the following week. It will be fun to catch up!smiley  We will meet you at Meadow Close entrance where there is a one way system marked out. Please only bring water bottle, sunhat/waterproof coat (depending on weather), snack and packed lunch if you are not having school lunch.

No bags or books are required.

Have a great weekend-Hwyl Fawr-best wishes Mrs Jonessmiley

Picture News - Pocket Money

Hello Class 5,

Another week has gone by really quickly! Thanks for all the lovely work again. We have done our last week at Pencoed Hub and everything is moving back to Coychurch on Monday. We will have only Key worker children next week, but from June 29th we will be welcoming you all in small groups or 'Bubbles'. Your parents will get letters shortly to explain how it will work. We are still just waiting for an update from Welsh Government and BCBC. I really look forward to seeing you again. Enjoy the weekend. Best wishes Mrs Jones.

Certificates for taking part in the Cardiff City (Bluebirds) Home Learning

Hello Class 5

Hope you have all enjoyed this week of family time and homelearning. The afternoon tea idea seems to have been a great success with many of you. I have included another cooking idea for the coming week! I am making Spaghetti Bolognese this evening-really looking forward to it! Thanks for all your fabulous work. Please keep it coming. We will be moving into a 'blended learning' approach (new buzz word!!!) shortly from June 29th onwards. This means there will be an opportunity for you all to come to school for a limited number of days during the last few weeks of term but also the home distance learning will continue. The school based learning will be in 'bubbles' of groups of children with not everyone in at the same time.  But we are doing our best to make it work well for children, their families and staff, bearing in mind the constraints of Welsh Government Guidance! Sorry this is still vague but we will let you know as soon as we know more concrete plans. As you can imagine, we are working hard to figure it all out! Have a great weekend. Best wishes Mrs Jonessmiley



Hello again Class 5,

Hope you have had a good week. I have received some excellent project work from many of you- thank you so much-I have really enjoyed learning about the different countries you have chosen. If you haven't sent in your work yet, I will still be pleased to see it. 

I am in the middle of writing reports and preparing with Mrs Hurry and the other staff to open the school back up in some shape or form at the end of this month. We don't know exactly how this will look yet but it will be lovely to see you again. We will keep you updated when we know more. Meanwhile keep up the excellent home learning and get in contact if you have any queries. Best wishes Mrs Jones

Hello Class 5, I thought I'd share some pictures from my half term! I have really enjoyed the beautiful weather. Hope you are all well and have had fun this week. Love from Mrs Jones.

Hello Class 5,

Thank you so much for all the fantastic work you have sent me over the last few months. I have especially enjoyed hearing about your science experiments, the exciting project work that is coming in and also the efforts many of you have made in learning new ways of communicating through Sway, Adobe Sparks, collaborative Powerpoints, Forms questionnaires and so on! Together we have learnt so much during this lockdown. Our computer skills have improved no end and also I believe many of you have enjoyed more quality family time, the chance to enjoy the outdoors, exercise more and learn important life skills like how to cook, wash up and do the washing!! Please take a well-earned break for half term from lessons and we will resume after half term.

Keep safe and well. Love from Mrs Jones

Hello Class 5,

Hope you are all doing OK. As you can see next week's planning has been uploaded to this website and I have also sent it to you on email. Keep the lovely work coming. I am enjoying seeing it and I am very pleased that you all seem to be thriving and getting on so well. It is especially encouraging to see how much the IT skills are developing-yours and mine!! This week I am trying out Adobe Sparks! It is an app on Hwb and I have started to create a class webpage that you can all add to. It is in the planning-do check it out. I am looking forward to what we can all do collaboratively!! Have a great week.

Best wishes Mrs Jones

Hello Class 5

I can't believe how fast this week has gone. Tomorrow is VE Day Bank Holiday! I hope you have your Red, White & Blue outfits and decorations ready!! I know many of you have organised 'virtual street parties' and other celebrations. Have a wonderful time! I have emailed you the planning for next week & it will also appear on this website. Please get in contact if you have any queries. I know lots of you are looking forward to seeing your friends again properly but for now let us make the most of the ways we can all communicate via the internet. I am always pleased to hear from you & to know what you have been doing. Best wishes Mrs Jones

Hello Class 5 -hope you are all safe & well. Happy May Day! It’s lovely to see the sun shining again! I expect we needed some rain to water the gardens though! Here are a few pictures that have made me happy during the last little while so I thought I’d share them with you. Planning for next week has been emailed to you and will appear on this website shortly. Have a brilliant week! Keep smiling-love from Mrs Jones πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸŒˆπŸŒΌ

Hello Class 5,

Hpe you have all had a great week and you are looking forward to an enjoyable weekend. Thanks for all the lovely work you have been sending me in various ways, including video, photos, uploaded work etc. The planning for the coming week has been emailed to you all as well as the questionnaire and project guidance for this term. They are also being uploaded to the school website. Hope you find it interesting.

Keep safe & well & enjoy the sunshine.

Love from Mrs Jones

Hello Class 5 

Hope you have all had fun during the 2 weeks for  Easter Holidays. Fortunately we have had amazing sunny weather and hopefully everyone will have been able to get out for some fresh air and exercise, despite the lockdown! I hope you and your families are all well.

On Monday, we are officially back into term time. We still have no way of knowing how long this strange situation will last, but we all need to make the best of our individual circumstances, help and support one another and be grateful for the little things! 

Below on this website page is the plan for the first week of the Summer Term to ease you back into some sort of pattern for keeping up with your learning. I will be able to respond to emails via hwb from pupils or parents, and will be able to offer support and advice to help with aspects of learning or physical or emotional wellbeing. 

I will also be spending some time as in previous weeks at the Pencoed Hub, together with colleagues from our own school and other schools, as we seek to provide care for children of key workers. 

I look forward to hearing news from you all. Keep safe & well. Best wishes from Mrs JonesπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘β˜€οΈ



Pictures from our Easter Egg hunt on the last day we were in Coychurch!! Seems a long time ago! 😊

Hello Class 5 

Message from Mrs Jones!

Hope you are all safe & well! Hope you have enjoyed the first couple of weeks of new style school. It has been great to hear from you about your creative ways of keeping occupied and to see some of the lovely work you have been doing. I have emailed you some extra fun activities for the holidays and these will be posted on this website also.


Our theme for next term is ‘All about our World’ a humanities based topic about Bringing Down the Borders e.g. learning about different cultures & countries & people and movements which have helped to make the world a more caring and just place. I would welcome any ideas you children and parents have in relation to this topic!


During the holidays we will not be providing planned work and will limit the correspondence to urgent matters only, but please get in touch if you need any emergency help.

Thank you for all being amazing- Pasg Hapus -Happy Easter to you all!!!

Hi Everyone,

We are half way through week 1 of a new way of doing 'School'. Hope you are all adjusting to the new routines -parents and children!! Please try to get as much fresh air and exercise as possible-be inventive!!! Spend quality time together when you can and try to have regular meals and a good sleep each night.


I hope the work is proving ok so far. We have been advised to not 'overdo' schoolwork while everyone is settling into the new lifestyle but there is plenty of extra stuff on all the websites. I am trying to develop the functions of Class 5 team so please try it out and let me know. You should be able to upload photos/work onto your file in Classroom notebook on our class team. Any issues with passwords or logins I can sort out remotely.

Please contact me via hwb email if you need me.


Please try & message your friends and family in whatever ways you can to stay connected but also stay at home as directed. I am thinking of you all. Love & prayers Mrs Jones





Due to the current situation around COVID-19 pupils may be working some of the next term remotely.  In order to help parents and children with this we will be setting tasks to complete on their online platforms (such as Hwb and Purple Mash) and also sending some work home in a Home Learning Book.  Unfortunately we do not have the resources available at school to print out all of the work for every pupil in the school, so we will also be uploading some tasks and work to class pages.  Parents are not necessarily required to print all of this work at home, but if you can help your child read the work on the computer, they can write the answers or complete the tasks in their Home Learning Book.  Could you please ensure that anything printed off, or completed on separate sheets of paper, is stuck into their books.


We absolutely appreciate that this is going to be a difficult time for everyone, and will support parents and children as best we can remotely.  If you require further clarification about tasks set, pupils can email their class teacher using their Hwb email addresses.  We politely request that these email addresses are not used for any other reason, we will however be monitoring our email address to deal with any important enquiries.


Mrs Jones:

Hello Class 5 smiley

Hope you are all well. We have posted here the suggested home learning activities for next week. This is a new thing for all of us. Please do not get anxious or stressed about any of it and if your parents need to find out further information or need to clarify anything please do not hesitate to email me.


It is important for the first few weeks to settle together at home with this new situation and get into some sort of routine so do not be worried about getting everything done. Your health & well-being are my main priority. Many of the suggested activities are designed to be fun and done together!!


I will be thinking of all of you & your families.

Best wishes

Mrs Jones

Please find below a suggested daily routine, as requested by parents.  Of course this will need to modified to suit your own children and circumstances, but we hope it will help as a starting point.

30 Lego Challenge

Suggested Daily Routine

Join Joe for PE every morning (Mon-Fri) at 9am

How To Access My Child's Team Learning Space

FREE Online Learning Resources

Please find below a non-exhaustive list that might help those affected by school closures due to coronavirus, compiled by home educators.

Fairtrade/ Eco Smoothie Making with pedal power- arddechog! πŸŒπŸš΄β€β™€οΈ

Sialens Ddraig- Dragon Challenge -Sport & Fitness πŸ΄σ §σ ’σ ·σ ¬σ ³σ ΏπŸš΄β€β™€οΈπŸ†β›ΉοΈβ€β™‚οΈπŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ

Blywddyn 5 & 6 wedi mynd i’r Eisteddfod yn Pencoed-Visit to Pencoed Comprehensive Eisteddfod! Bendigedig πŸ΄σ §σ ’σ ·σ ¬σ ³σ ΏπŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰

Such a busy few weeks for Dosbarth Pump!🏴󠁧󠁒󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿😊. Llawer o bethau i wneud 😊 - Visit to Sony Factory for Media Day - creating a film using video camera, sound equipment, green screen and make up for special effects, then Day 2 at Sony was for coding workshop using Raspberry Pi, Scratch and Python- virtual and physical coding activities!

Dydd Ardderchog-Day workshop with Jim Elliott working with Class 5 on animation-using clay, letters & sound effects-we all had a great time! πŸ‘

Y 6 together with Mrs Jones & Mrs Davies really enjoyed the Modern Foreign Languages Conference at Cardiff City Stadium last week - Llawer o Hwyl πŸ΄σ §σ ’σ ·σ ¬σ ³σ ΏπŸ‘πŸ˜Š

Parent Term Letter -Information about Areas of Learning & Experience

Dosbarth 5 Gwyddoniaeth- Fun activity Solar System Scavenger Hunt- Llawer o Hwyl!

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda! Croeso i 2020!!

Gobeithio pawb yn hapus a roedd Nadolig yn bendigedig!

(Hope everyone is happy and had a fantastic Christmas!)

It was great to welcome the class 5 pupils back to school today. The Christmas holidays seem to have flown by! 

We have lots of exciting learning experiences in store for this term. Our theme is "To infinity and beyond-Earth and Space!" We hope to arrange a visit to Techniquest and we will explore the concepts of space exploration, the relationships of the planets in our Solar System, relative sizes and distances from each other, space links to Wales and a whole range of other things. We will of course be celebrating our Welsh identity and culture as St David's Day approaches and the Eisteddfod is a highlight of this term. Finally the term will be rounded off with celebrations of Easter.

I will be posting the Theme Overview, the oracy homework and this term's project homework directly after this for your information. I wish you all a very Happy & Healthy New Year and look forward to working together again. If you have any queries, please contact me. 

(Mrs C Jones, Class 5 Teacher).

Spring 2020 Theme Overview-To Infinity and Beyond-Earth & Space

Class 5- Spring 2020 Youth Speak-Oracy Homework to be completed by Tuesday 14th January

Class 5 Spring Term Project Homework- Earth & Space to complete by Wednesday 26th February

Dosbarth Pump- Gwaith Cartref 

Class 5 Projects & Miscellaneous Homework πŸ“š 

I have just had the pleasure of reading the projects about the 20th Century completed by Class 5 and I would like to congratulate the pupils on the excellent standard of work. I am very impressed by the research and IT presentation skills. I have been entertained and informed, gained a lot of knowledge and found out some fascinating facts.

Thank you Class 5 for all your efforts and thanks to parents and grandparents for your support in this work. I hope you all enjoyed the learning experience.

Bendigedig- Gwaith Arddechog! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ“š


Class 5 Children in Need Day fun- creating an obstacle course and using it!!

Class 4 & 5 enjoyed a visit from Mrs Cottle and Mrs Collins who spoke about their childhood in wartime South Wales 🏴󠁧󠁒󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿. Many thanks to these ladies for giving up their time.

Theatre visit from M & M Productions presenting β€˜Treasure Island’ -we all enjoyed the entertaining show and especially the after-show workshop for Y 5 & 6! πŸŒ΄πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

WW2 workshop from Mr Rob Carter - thanks for visiting class 4 & 5 - interesting artefacts and interactive activities making life in WW2 more real for pupils 😊.

Visit to WW2 Museum Swansea

Hello Everyone,

Welcome back to Class 5 for the Autumn term 2019. It is lovely to see pupils who were with me last year again, and to welcome the new Y5 pupils. We have enjoyed a very busy start to the term and have a lot of things to look forward to as we make progress together along our learning journey.

Our topic this term is Time Travellers-20th Century with a particular emphasis on WW2. We have arranged a visit to the WW2 museum in Swansea Bay and other workshops to take place in school. We are excited to learn more!

Please see also on our class page the overview for parents and the homework activities. Any queries about any aspect of life in Class 5, please contact me.

Best wishes Mrs C Jones (Deputy Head/Class 5 Teacher)

Football Match v AJL school- lots of fun on Friday afternoon😊⚽️

More pictures from Llangrannog! The Y6 pupils & Mrs Jones had a wonderful time. Excellent behaviour at all times-well done Y6!

Fun at Llangrannog - year 6 2019

Class 5 enjoyed learning about church life and the local Christian Community. We visited St Crallo’s Church and met the new Vicar Maggie and some of her parishioners. The pupils learnt a lot and had fun. Thanks to Reverend Maggie and her team.😊

Class 5 plan, create and deliver Healthy School Meal Deal for staff. Much appreciated by all staff- flasus iawn! Pupils really enjoyed learning new skills and collaborating. They had lots of fun- da iawn dosbarth pumpπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘.

Class 5 Design Technology- creating models for a family garden

Class 5 really enjoyed the coding workshop at Sony 😊

Year 6 visit to Crucial Crew

Class 5 had fun at the Pencoed Comprehensive Eisteddfod! The highlight was taking part in the House Choir Competition with a rendition of Calon LAN.🏴󠁧󠁒󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Pupils from Class 5 enjoyed Primary Languages Event at Cardiff City Stadium😊.

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda-Happy New Year to everyone!

Thank you very much to all pupils & parents for their good wishes, cards & presents at Christmastime. I hope everyone enjoyed their break.

We are all now back in the swing of a new term which promises to be busy & exciting. Our theme is 'Castaway' and focusing initially on the book Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. We hope to have a Tropical Island Day!

The Eisteddfod will take place on Wednesday 20th February and we have lots of great competitions lined up.

We are also involved in an exciting Lead Creative School Project with a group of girls from Pencoed Comprehensive and Creative Practitioners Glen & Amy from the company 'Winding Snake'. Our aim is to create a short film, incuding animation to help the transition process between primary & secondary school.

Our Lead Creative School Project with Amy & Glen from the company 'Winding Snake' and pupils from Pencoed Comprehensive School. Week 1 -learning about animation techniques.

Parent Letter-Overview of Spring Term- Theme-Castaway

Class 5 end of term activities-creating a parachute to land Santa's sleigh safely, mini Christmas puddings and a Christmas party with good old fashioned games! Great fun was had by all! Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd DdaπŸŽ„πŸ˜„.

β€˜Olivia’ performed by Class 5. What an amazing show! Congratulations to you all! We are all so proud of you! πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ„

Class 5 collaborative numeracy with students from Year 12 in Pencoed Comprehensive. All engaged & having funπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘.

Class 5 Theatre Workshop November 2018