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Lunch Menus


School meals are prepared on the premises each day. The price is £2.20 per day for all pupils.

Pupils can choose from two tasty hot meal options as well as choices of salad. Nursery pupils have only one option, which is indicated on the menu by an asterisk.

The menus are on a three week rotation. This ensures variety with a focus on fresh fruit, vegetables and salads. Due to our commitment to healthy eating, our ingredients have reduced saturated fat, sugar and salt. All foods are baked or steamed, except chips which are only served once a week. Fresh fruit, wholemeal bread, yoghurt, cheese and biscuits, ice cream, semi-skimmed milk and water are also available daily.  Please see the PDF below for an up to date copy of the menu.


Our school operates a cashless catering system and payments are made to BCBC online


When you make a payment to your child's dinner money account, it can take up to 24 hours to show up on our system, therefore we recommend always topping up your child's account a few days before it runs out.  You will get an email reminding you of your child's balance on a Friday afternoon or we can check a balance for you in the school office.


Your child may bring a healthy packed lunch; and those who decide to have school meals can choose from a 3-week menu (see menu enclosed in school pack).  Please inform the school immediately if your child has any food allergies.


Parents who receive certain benefits are entitled to free meals for the children. Application forms can be obtained from the school administrator – Mrs Thomas.



To encourage healthy eating we encourage children to bring a fruit snack for their morning break. Sweets, crisps or chocolate are not permitted. Every child should bring a water bottle to school every day. We ask that parents fill it for them daily and that the bottle is washed every evening. Children can top up their bottles during the day using the school’s cold-water machine.

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